Minor updates

Hello again~
kit's back with some minor updates about herself.

So tomorrow, the 18th of June will mark my 19th anniversery of life. And as such, I went out with a couple firends yesterday to celebrate. (I was just looking for a reason to go to Kareoke. So fuuuun~) So we went downtown to TJ King Kareoke, and to our surprise,t he place was empty. We ordered 2 hours for the four of us, which proved to be alot of fun! The man who worked there gave us the biggest room! It was great.

I think the best thing about that Kareoke place is that they carry vocaloid and supercell songs~ *I feel like suhc a weaboo* well, 90% of the music there was some sort of asian, and the lyrics don't show up in romaji... the only one of us that could kind of read them was Maddi.. who was the one who pointed out that there was vocaloid music.
I sang alot this time around.... not very well though, ha ha ha! I felt bad that my firends had to listen to my terrible off-key singing (more like squeaking). it was so funny when maddi and I would do a duet. She'd stop to give me a part to sing and it'd go from sounding super amazing and strong to shy whispers on my part. ^ ^; mwee hee... yeah... but I still had alot of fun! (But I really tired to belt it out, I was pretty excited to be there. ha ha)

You'd think that with my birthday comming I'd be a happy little lamb. But truth be told, I'm pretty bummed out. I've recently found out that my parent's aren't going to allow me to go on a trip my friends planned, which I suggested in the first place. I was talking to my dear friend Lala once when we were hanging out int he winter that it be really fun to rent a cottage and go away for a few days. She really loved the idea and organized a week long trip for july. All my dearest friends are going....

except me.

I understnad my parents concern and why they aren't allowing me to go... but I was so excited to go on a trip like that. I'm only going to sound like a whiney brat, so please stop reading if you don't want to listen to me complain. I just really need to get this off my chest. I;ve been trying to hide how upset I am, but last night I just couldn't hold it in and cried alone in my basement ( my bedroom in in my basment) at like 2am (I'm suffering from insomnia...) It feels like dramatic irony. The one who initiated the whole thing is the only one being left out. and It sucks balls. I don't even know why I'm so upset... I should be happy that at least my buddies can all have fun and stuff. I don't do much anyways, so they shouldn't miss me. And I also feel like I've dissapointed my friends, lala gave me a special discount and made sure I had a spot at the cottage becasue she really wanted me to go. Now I feel guilty about the whole thing, on top of those old feelings of neglect and isolation. Maybe I just want to be sad about something... I don't know...

Anyways, I shouldn't even be wasting time writing here, it's my father's birthday and for his present my sister and I are weeding the backyard... which is proving to be very difficult...

Sorry for bumming you out. Have a nice summer everyone.



lil witch
Halloween is this Sunday! And I still have no plans~
My mother doesn't want to hand out candy this year, and my sister has a school function to do that night....


Oh animal crossing, the cutest substitute for real life.

SO so so, I didn't tell you guys about the halloween party~ It was fun! I helped out with planning this year~ I helped pick the spot for our Spells and "WitchCraft", I made some food, and I downloaded some movies for us to watch.

I made deviled eggs last minute, and that's what everyone loved the most, ha ha.
BUT BEST OF ALL! MY MADDI CAME HOME! >w< I was real happy~ I hope she had fun!!

At the moment, my sister and her friend are getting ready to go to the school's Halloween Dance. I remember going to the halloween dance, best dance of the school year (minus prom, which wasn't all that great... ha ha) I feel like such a dummy, all my buds came home from their schools, and I forgot to bring my year book to the partyyyy. I wanted to get them all to sign it.

erm, did I mention I got a new phone? It's pink~

Okies, I'll update you all on what I do after Halloween~

biger witch

KIT REPORT! Maddi came home~

sushi copy

I had alot of fun, but it was kind of bitter sweet only being with maddi for dinner.

>w< I CAN'T WAIT TO VISIT HER DORM! (when she lets me~)

okies, dats all for now~


I'm trying this out...

1st entry


Not much to report today. it's my second week of my 5th year in highschool. I feel so... un-needed... and like, extra.... you know?

I mean, I graduated already! I just wanted an extra credit so that I could apply for my bachelors degree. *sigh* I feel like such a dummy.

>A< I MISS YOU BUDDY! I shared a locker with my best friend for 2 years and last year I saw her all day, every day! Now, I'm basically alone at school.

I get to go to my one friends house for lunch, and I'm greatful for the people I see on a regular basis. But I can't fight the... emptiness(? Is that the right word?) I feel now.

AAAAAUUUUURRRRGGG! For a happy girl, I write lot of " HAI! I'M SAD" journal entries.

also, If I'm in a conversation with you, don't just delete my messages. I'm actually waiting to hear what you will say next. I actually CARE about what you have to say.

This goes for EVERYONE! okies?

I guese that's all for today.