Expiration date?

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So today~ my darling little sister asked me if I could make Flan (or caramel custard) for her. I didn't feel like making it from scratch, so I pulled out a box mixture we bought not too long ago from a Punjab farmers market place.

I cooked the flan (egg) powder with the milk and had already prepared the cute little cups with the caramel syrup... but then I got a little syrup on my finger. So I tasted it, I mean, the syrup is the sweetest part, so why wouldn't I taste it, right?

It.. it tasted putrid! Like burnt sugar. I wondered if it was just me, because I had been chewing minty flavoured gum, which has the same same effect as drinking milk after rinsing with mouthwash... yum...

So I asked my sister to try some; her facial reaction was enough to convince me. ha ha.

^ ^; regretably, no one will be enjoying Flan in my house today... seeing as the package was expired... but I promised my sister I'd make it from scratch tomorrow.

It's so easy to make too.

Todays lesson!

Always check expiration date! It's important... since I just wasted about 2 1/5 cups of skim milk....

Super Bored

So i made my own ice cream today! I have no auto-matic-instant-i'm-too-lazy-to-care Ice cream making machine, NO! No I don't!

From scratch I got eggs, milk, cream, sugar and Vanilla, blended it, and curned it manually! It's setting in in my freezer as we speak! Sad thing is.... It doesn't look like alot of ice cream... It looks like it'd make 1 and a half serving! puuuuu

dats okies tho! I'm just trying to fight my boredom! the people I REALLY wanna hang out with are busy, and I can't seem to get out of my rut! I'm sitting all day! and as fun as that is, I know I'm not doing my bodies any favours.....

does anyone have a fun suggestion of what kinds of activities I should do with my friends?


hopefully next time I'll have some awsome Animal Crossing pictures to show you all!

( I know no one reads this blog anyways...)