Quite Puzzling

Here's this week's Kitpic, today we have quite a puzzling theme.


As promised, each new week I will gossip about somehting new either on the web, or off.
This week I'll be chatting about the upcoming english translation of the new game Professer Layton and the Unwond Future for Nintendo DS. 165 new puzzles and curious storyline to add to the Layton series. It's said to come out on September 12 of this year. I'm REALLY excited. From what I can tell from trailers and reviews, Layton and Luke travel to London to see a new invention of a Time Machine. after arriving, Layton recieves a letter from Luke, 10 years in the future. That's the main plot, but considering the strange animal-like people and the layton-looking clones robbing a casino (I can't be making this up) I'm pretty sure that it can't be as simple as that. the time machine looks like a giant steampunk clock, I'm not sure if it changes the time in the surrounding area, or if it wors like a transportation device... But whther or not they ACTUALLY get to the future is to be revealed through AWSOME storyline. I'm expecting alot from this game, I mean, Studio Ghibli does the animation for the cutscenes! JDFYADFCJHCJYFRD! And I could tell is was Ghibli by a glance! No one else puts THAT much effort in animation. I was blown away by The Diabolical Box and cried to much everytime I watched the end. I couldn't handle it the first time. I' sure this game will have NO problem topping it's preceder.

That's all for now! Why not leave a comment on what I should gossip about next week?


okay, so... last Sunday, HeartGold/SoulSilver came out for sale. So obviously, my little sister HAD to go but it. ( I want HeartGold too, but I'm waiting for the price to go down).

So here's the deal, I'm walking into the store with my sister and mum and notice... a Patient Transporting vehical. At first I thought it was an ambulance, but then I relaized the title on the car. So I disregaurd it, and have fun in the store.

We leave and this guy leavces at the same time, he was wearing a uniform... carring a bag from the store. Then he gets into the Patient Transfer Truck and drives off.

Take from this what you will but the first thing that crossed my mind was that there's never a bad time for POKeMON.

Seemed like that guy stopped his route, to go buy SoulSilver/ HeartGold.

March Break!

So it's March Break now! I still feel like it's the weekend though... I wasn't that excited for it this year.... I guses I'm just out of it ^ ^;

I hope everyone has lots of fun this week!

~Thing I have to do over the break:

-Start Cosplay (for MX and I)
-Finsih Chiyo's samples, get ready for PSS's 2010 release
-write up manga ( RE:P3) If I get mroe views on my blog, I may post some pages~


Kay, So I'm nearing the End of the game that MX bought me for my birthday (Favorite present by far) last year. It's Persona 3 FES and I've been kind of obsessed with it for a while...

I'm trying hard to have Thanatos, Messaiah and Orpheus for the end of the game. I also want to be at Level 90.

man, I'm too optimistic toplay this game... It's the end of the world and I'm still all giddy and what not. there was a whole week that the characters in my dorm were depressed becasue they knew the world was ending (and that they helped it along) and I got angry at them for not wanting to go to tartarus of hanging out with main Character.

The game repeativly says " Nyx is undefeatable!" and I'm all like " Kay, I'll just level up s'more to beat her!"


I Have P4 waiting for me when I finish! Plus it's FES so it includes "The Answer" in it *excited*

man, I gotta finish PKMN Pearl and PHEANOIX WRIGHT ACE ATTOURNEY. ( Iplayed the third one first, the second one second, and lastly the first game... I went backwards on that one.)




Of course I'm talking about the Shin Megami Tensei spin off series; PERSONA.

kay, so I finally get to the last of the 12 fullmoon shadows. the hanged man. I was all "KAY! You are NOOOOOT following the proper arcana order!" sicne it's all derived from tarrot cards right? That's the basics of the game. There's a story about the fool who gones on a journey based on the order of the cards. BUT NOOOO! Hanged man was last even though The World is suppoesed to be last!

so yeah, I got to the last shadow, I had to beat it like 3 times though... the first few times it help going to town on the summoning of his staute.. things... so I couldn't attack it.

so yeah... Ikutsuki's a degranged scientist who fancies himself a prince fit to rule over a world of dead people...

now I'm thinking that all the shadows I just spent "6 months" (game time) beating up are all manifested into 1 massive beast! and I kinda like aigis better, I mean, she saved me from being sacrificed.... cuz main character is so freaking delicious cute! And she tired to steal Sushi from Junpei.

Poor mitsuru... the voice actress didn't do her justice tho... the crying sounded a little fake.


Due to re-occurring dreams and a slight obession with the game... I have decided to draw up a doujin spin off of Person3.

I was disgusing the storyline and stuff with my dear friend MX and it has come to be a manga. since I cannot hack the game to make my own version.... siiigh

uuuuummm... so I think that's about it for now...

I can't think of anyhting snazzy to say to close this off....


Animal Crossing, After Hours


Animal Crossing 023

Is this not THE best thing ever?

even a sweet girl like me has some really strange ideas.

... only when it comes to games.... ///// I'd never send or say anything like this in real life!