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Christmas is on the way! Tie to cuddle next to family and just enjoy the fact that we're all alive together! But remember, sharing in the holiday season should be with more than just you're family and friends. Don't be rude while shopping, even though everyone else is. it's just un-needed stress put on us by consumerism. But also, help out those who have nothing this Christmas, it'll mean more in the long run.

So today, I finally finished my Christmas shopping! all that's left for me to do is finish a doll I'm making for my sister (shhh) and I need to purchase presents in Animal Crossing for a City-Folk Christmas party in Tazimilly, mx's Town. I wanted to get lavish gifts this year (since I'm kind of an adult now...) but... uh.. I dont' work soooo... yeah...

Anyways, while I was shopping, we went to this really nice game store, which always makes me think of Persona 4 when we go. I dunno, when I walk into the mini-mall, "You're Affection" seems to play in my mind... I dunno.. maybe it's because I bought my P4 game there and was so excited to finally discover Teddie that it stuck with me. SO ANYWAAAAAAYYYYSSS (I always trail off of what I actually want to say ^ ^; ) While I was browsing, I saw about 5 games that I wanted. GOSH! DONCHU HATE THAT? There I am, supposed to be looking for gifts for other people, AND ALL I CAN THINK OF IS MYSELF!? I feel shamed. So much shame. My sister ended up buying a game that I wanted to play for a while... which kind of only feeds me shame... since it's Christmas, and we shouldn't be buying stuff for ourselves for leisure...*sigh* that's why this entry shall be Catagorized in "Greedy Brat". But yeah! I found the original Cooking Mama for the Wii, for $15, Arc Rise Fantasia for like $25, some silly girly game that I'm tooa shamed to mention, and uh..I can't remeber buch after that. I ended up getting what I needed in another store though! Then off home for a nice shower and a relaxing bubble bath~ aaah, so nice.

SO! that ends off this entry. I just wanted to note that I'll be trying to add links to all things that you may not be familiar with, so you all can keep up with what I'm saying. ^ ^ Also, my usual pink font will be replaced with festive colours for the rest of the season! Just remember, Christmas is about giving, just like [insert biblical reference here].



Man, there are so many things this princess wants.

-Rhythm Heaven
-Lux Pain
-Devil survivor
-Avalon Code
-New Harvest Moon Wii game~
-New Pokemon Heart Gold ds game~~~~~ <3

-Nendorids.... ◔ヮ◔
- The Knowledge of ActionScript

(mostly games? really? PFFTT! GET A LIFE!)

*sigh* I feel so greedy at times. but, everyone has wants right?

I'm really just a kid at heart. And always will be. ^ ^; I can be less mature than my 12 year old sister....

also, I want to have a SUPER DUPER girly day... just to see what it's like.... (I've never really had girly friends..)

Plus I need a job cuz I need to buy presents! > < oh nOOOOOOOOOOOOO~OOOOOOOOO~~~~


I'm pretty much the happiest person alive right now
I'm pretty much the happiest person ever in that picture above. Even though no one reads or comments on my blog.


and, *giggle* they might be comming to wherever I live to play! *sqweeeeaaaaaalllll!*

and I got into my class i wanted! (whoopee!) though, I still don't know what kind of career i want.

*sigh* but at least I can still get away with acting cute, even though I'm almost an adult now.

frig that's scary.

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