Hungry for Cinema

Have you heard of the Hunger Games series?

Apparently it's everywhere now! I remember hearing about it in highschool a bit by some of my classmates, but I never really knew much about it. This semester, our Pop Lit professor had us read the first book of the series. I am... really bad with reading... so I listened to the audiobook instead! And I was pretty interested in it! This was before the movie came out.

So, because I was still kind of interested after finishing the novel, I wanted to see the film adaptation - which is what I had planned for today.

My sister and I made plans to go see The Hunger Games at around 5pm today. I also invited my cousins to come with us, because we really don't hang out much, when we really should.
*Kit completely disregards homework she should be worrying about*

I... got to experience my older cousin Andrew's driving.

it was.... kind of terrifying!! he would speed up for short spurts and made the engine rev to show off and scare pedestrians! I laughed, b-but that's what i do when I'm nervous or embarrassed!! My brave little sister said that Andrew's driving was "fun".

so.. so brave...

ANYWAYS, since this movie is crazy over advertised, it was sold out until 9pm!!! Q A Q


So we opted to see Dr.Suess's the Lorax instead. It was pretty great!! I'll purchase it when it come out for DVD. I really liked how passive and unagressive the Lorax was. it was like- ' I don't need to punish you, you're doing a good job of that yourself.'

I think i get really affected and influenced by things I'm told or I watch. Now I'm all pumped to start a little garden after watching this movie! I've been wanting to for years, but I've always missed the opertune time to. Maybe a little herb garden~

Anywayssss, that was my day today~ I'm going to try and post more here. Just... I'm not that interesting, so there's not much to document. ^ ^;; hee hee.

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I'm terrified

Oh dear, oh gosh...

So, This upcoming September, I will be starting my very first year of college. I'll be an Illustration student at a very nice school just a city away from where I live.
Okay, for one thing, I'm amazed that I got in. Because, my best friend Maddi applied and didn't get in, and she is a wonderful artist, talented in all things creative. Then and there, I was afraid that I wouldn't make it.

It's not so much that I WANTED to go to the school, or that I WANTED to become an Illustrator (truth be told, I just want to be an awesome housewife) it just seemed that art college was best suited for me, since I love to draw. I would end up with a job that let me do one of the things I love so so sooo much. Seriously, I don't know who I was accepted... all I draw is stupid cutesy animu crap and terrible OCs. * cries forever*

Not only am I afraid of not being good enough for the school, but there's also

* new social setting to which I know nothing about
* the expectation to act and function like a proper adult
* taking full care of myself in a foreign city
* having to transport myself home on a daily basis

I can't drive. I have a licence, but I need to go to driving school and take the road test before I am allowed to drive an automobile. SO, I have to take public transportation. Which I wouldn't mind, if I had any experience with it. I've been on buses and subways before, but I was always with someone else telling me where to go and when to get off.

Today, my parents took me to the GO station (an efficient public transportation place) and we took the GO bus, Go Train, and a city bus to get to my future school. Alright, I was worried enough when I thought it was just one bus ride there and back, but now i have to transfer TWICE!? (It's a big deal for me!) Not only that, but some of my classes start at 8am! THE RIDE TAKES AN HOUR AND SEVEN MINUTES! I'M GOING TO HAVE TO WAKE UP AT LIKE 5AM!! GEEZ!

I'm probably worrying about this more than I should be, but.. uh, it's a scary experience.... becoming an adult so quickly.

>A< DON'T BE LIKE ME AND BE OBLIVIOUS TO THE WAYS OF THE WORLD FOR 19 YEARS! It's important to enjoy your youth, but at the same time, it's really important to know how to be an adult! It may be hard, but please try to find a balance of the two.

*sigh* I feel a bit nauseous... =_=;;

Anime North 2011 on the way~

I can't believe how long it's been that I've neglected my blog!
I'm sorry to my raders, that is.. if I have any. ^ ^;

ANYWAYS! I don't have a sweets review ready yet, and I know I haven't updated my Beauty Care section yet, but I shall, I actually have an idea of somehting to put up. Mostly my Beauty Care will be nice tips on keeping your natural beauty in check!

But on to the real news! Anime North is fast approaching, and my bestest buddy in the whole world and I are going as the sexy duo, Panty and Stocking!
I've finished 98% of both costumes, and I'm really excited to wear them! I'm also really nervous, I'm afriad they might break on us.. I'm not used to wearing clothing that is so tight! But hopefully fellow cosplayers will appericiate our effort.

Anyways, this year Kit and her buddies will be staying in a nice hotel so that we can enjoy all three days of the convention. Not only that, I found out that Ms.Kaze-Hime, a wonderful Canadian anime artist, will be attending again this year! She posted a map of where her table will be! >////< I'M SO EXITED! I WANT TO BUY SO MANY PRINTS FROM HERRRRRR! I may sound silly, but it's like meeting a celebrity! S-so I'm really excited!

Alrighty, I've run out of thingies to say. I'll update about the Convention mroe next week maybe?

Ciao baby~

a frightening experience

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I've decided, to share something vaugely intimate with you my readers today.
Today in my area, we had a sudden blackout at around 6pm. It lasted for about 3 hours. My house went cold, it was pitch black and there was no where to sit because my mother was alseep on the couch mumbling all kinds of gibberish.

"wow kit, that doesn't seem very frightening" hold on guys. I haven't told you the "scary" part yet.

well, mostly scary for me, since I'm kind of a crybaby.

I had gone downstairs to my room to change out of my school uniform. I'm a women and take my time whenever I can...

Basically, the moment I grabbed my PJ's to start dressing up, all the lights went out. Now, I was already kind of on edge because I had just recently watched a creepy movie at my friend's house and I was alone in the basement. (not to mention my terribly vivid imagination) so I had the TV on to listen to as a distraction. But at that moment, everything went completely black. I was (basically) naked in the basement at night. I COULD NOT SEE, MY HAND INFRONT OF MY FACE. At first, I just stood there, like I nothing happened... then it took me a little while to realize that, IT WAS PITCH BLACK.

cue fear.

It was absolutely silent. I would have thought that I would hear my sister or mother make some kind of reaction to the power shutting off. BUT NO! (kinda felt like the dark hour without the green moon ) Which totally freaked me out.

If you can see the picture, you can see more than I did.

SO, my witty brain drew up a plan.

Grab DS.
Turn on.
Use light to go upstairs.
Dress up there.


well, I found it terrible.

anyways, that was my crappy entry. see you next time~


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So last week, I went to visit my best firend EVAR Maddi in her dorm~

In total, I (my father) drove for around 6 hours that weekend... ha ha.

First, I departed at 10:00 to M*******a becasue my father had some business to take care of. Then we drove to O******e ( a city in the opposite direction from Maddi's new residence) to Go to a college open house.

It was really pretty inside! Anyone who is thinking of going to Sheridan College all I have to say is, It looks like a mall. Like, for real! ( a little) It's a nice big atmosphere, I didn't check out the residence since it's only like 30 minutes from my house, so commuting won't bother me so much... ha ha. So the campus was pretty, I enjoyed it.

It was about 12 when we left the campus.. and went to Timmies* for lunch~ I had a roasted chicken sandwich with tea and a french onion soup. after that, we kept going untill we finally reached L****n. ^ ^ papi and I had some trouble finding her building, ha ha. when I got there, maddi greeted me by running out in the cold without a jacket and pouncing at my car.

^///^ you don't know how happy I felt to be there! I would gladly drive that far anytime to spend time with my maddi!

SO I get in and settle my stuff down, her room is cute and nice~ I made her yellow and pink checkered cookies~ I brought some games to play on the wii they have there~ (Trauma team, Pokemon battle revolution and Persona 4... and Lux Pain)

I meet her roomates, they were real nice~ One was away that weekend, I drew her a birthday picture since her birthday wacs comming up.

At night we tried to webcam chat with our buddy ninnie, but it wasn't working on his side, no cute girls for him, ha ha.

We watched the Professor Layton movie in bed, at like.. 2:30 am? ha ha. Apperantly, I am a bed hog ^ ^; I'll try harder to leave more space for you next time I visit maddi!!!
her bed was very comfy actually~

The next day she took me out to a Mall, on the bus ride there, we passes a store called "lolita" I was like O///A///O *sparkle* *sparkle* I'm going in there next time!

the bus we needed to get on to go back to the dorm came on the other side of the street.. so we missed it... It was getting late anyways and my father was on his way to pick me up, so we just went back to the mall and looked at cute animal calenders~ s-spo cute...

okay, so.. there was an "animals" section which included all the cute widdle fuzzies and cats and the like, but "dogs" got their own section? WHY ARE THEY SEPARATED!?

My father showed up with my sister and we went back to the dorm to get my stuff. It felt like such little time, but I'm happy that I got to go at all!

we stopped at like... a truck stop? and my father bought us some goodies! I got a jalapeno pretzel and a jamacian patty! yum yum.

I totally can't wait to go back! ^ ^ next time I'd like to stay for 2 nights~

I'll see you soon~

Ciao babies~

*Timmie's is a slang for "Tim Hortons", a Canadian loved franchise.