@ the Library

I like to order books from my local library so that i have an interesting or helpful read every so often. Well, the other day I got an automated call from the library to notify me that i have 6 items ready to be picked up.

(I know, it sounds pretty lame so far, eh?)

sooo, I go inside, pick up my books, and decide to browse in the cooking section, for some reason, sewing and fashion section is right next to the cooking section, so I take a look at the sewing section, just for fun right?

Then a book catches my eye, I can't recall the title, but it ws somehting about "anyone can be sexy" or whatever.

//////// DON'T JUDGE ME! I'M A SHELTERED GIRL! It was embaressing enought to take a look at it.

so, it had this weird like... section thingie with 48 body types, you needed to find yours, then go to the coresponding page to find out what clothes you look good in.

being the dummy that I am, I look through every page without reading the procedure on how to find your body type. after like, 10-15 minutes later, i FINALLY find my body type! it seemed right...

height: 5'4" to 5'7" (i think) ***lbs to ***lbs...

so, I'm a medium build, hourglass figure. I thought "hey, that sounds normal!" so I read the description.

flat out the first sentance was " YOU ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE THE SEXIEST BODY TYPE!"


I don't know, I suddenly got like, super embaressed becasue a BOOK said i had a SEXY figure!

first thought in my mind " ah, NO! you stupid book! don't know NOTHING!" then I squished my belly with my finger.

soooo, apperanlty, I'm suposed to wear short skirts, shirts that show off my collar bone and shoulders and belts or certain snugg shirts to show off my waist.

HECK NO! > < I'm sticking to my broken jeans, oversized hoodies and boots thank you very much!

not till I get my hot abs will I prance around in the clothes I REALLY wanna wear!

if you've read up untill this point, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!? and why do i have a double image at the top?