As lame as it began....

It shall end the same way. Lonely and boring.

that is my summer.

GAAAAAAAAAAH! I need to finish work for my company before the summer ends! (or I'll be in BIG trouble!)

So this summer wasn't very eventfull! No one called me to hang out, no one seemed to care that I existed, but hey, that's life for you eh?

^ ^; It's probably because I'm so lame and stupid. I waited half an hour for my friend outside a store when we had aldready passed eachother a half hour before..... *sigh* But we had some fun I guese... ^ ^;

right now I'm preparing to make a cheesecake for my little sister! I wish she enjoyed tea, becausse then I could break out my grandmothers tea set and have a lovely afternoon tea with my sister. too bad she's more on the butch side.....

*sigh* I didn't have like 10 million awsome sleepovers like I had hoped for, I didn't have an awsome overnight stay at a beach with my friends like I hoped for, I didn't get to hang out in new exciting places, no one invided me anywhere, instead I get told the stories of my friends inviteing my OTHER freinds places TOTALLY forgetting about me!

NO! I'M NOT O-F******-KAY! > <

I wish my loved ones were more compassionate towards me.

sorry for bothering anyone who's read this. I don't want to put you in a sour mood.