I saved 3 lives today.

Does having a facination with blood make you creepy?

I think Blood is really pretty... but I won't like, cut myself or another just to see it.....

If I happen to see blood, I stare instead of freak out (depending on the situation)

But that aside, I did somethign that everyone thnks is a huge deal.

I donated blood.

I'm scared of needles too, so it's not like I ENJOYED getting stabbed in the arm, but i was so excited when I heard our school had a blood drive back in grade 9. But was dissapointed when I heard I had to be 17. ^w^ now that I ws old enough, I was so excited to help out. that little packet of blood can save 3 lives. it's amazing. It's really the least you can do for anyone.

My sick uncle needed alot of blood, he died a while back, But I'm so greatfull for those donors that helped keep him alive for so long. may you rest in peace Tio Rudy.

^ ^ on a lighter note, I found it kind of funny how the nurse was worried that my face was pale, when I'm naturally Ivory in colour.... she was so sweet, and it felt awkard to be pampered. I'm so used to people not caring that when someone tires to pamper me(or somehtign of that sort) I get all flustered and don't know what to do~ @w@;

so yeah, Blood's fun. but sparkly vampires SUCK A-HOLE!