Little things

I'm the type of girl...

who appericiates very little things.
thy may seem like rubish to others,
but they are my treasures.

just the phrase "wished it was you" tickles me inside.
even if that wasn't your intention.

Itty bitty quirks you may take as a joke
I treasure.
like writing our names under an umbrella on a school wall

like the rock on my dresser from that day at the beach
I know you have the matching pair

like a novelty picture I took with someone special
i keep it in my wallet

recylcing craft you made in class
and gave my on valentines day
I'd never throw that away.

a card where you wrote "you're special"
is tacked to my pink wall.

just smiling when I come

these itty bitty little things,
that others brush off
are so important to me

That I can hold my chest
and feel the warmth radiating from my heart
and share that warmth, with all those I love

so we can watch the snow fall
but not feel it's bitting cold