Mood: happy/sad
Drinking/Eating: Homemade Cinnamon Tea
Listening to:【鏡音レン】"No pants ☆ Boogie" (my youtube favorites playlist)


What a nice break! too bad I eat like a little piggy ^ ^; My poor face had to pay the price for that. My March break was pretty uneventful but very relaxing, I regret the fact that I didn't take the time to enjoy a nice Vanilla scented bubble bath, and that My Bestest Buddie MX kept having to reschedual our hang-out dates... so we only really saw eachother for lunch with a group of friends. *sigh* But I'm alright ^ ^ the week was very peaceful.

I made some neglected videos on Youtube even though I'm supposebly a semi-almost-famous Internet persona....

I was quiet shocked when This video was neglected as well

I mean It's a PV! Don't fan usually freak out over PV's? sorry... I'm prolly being really fag-ish right now... But that kinda bothered me...

WAAAAAAAAAH! I'm almost finihsed my favorite game and I'm real sad about that. (I'm even writting a fan-doujinshi right now... I'm still not done the opening chapter... huuuuuuuuu)

I'm sure that's all for now... I can't think of anything else to comment on....

I'll leave you all with this
(if anyone would care to contribute a translation into english, that would be very appericiated...)
Made by this lovely person~!