June Baby #2


~~Random kitpic of the week: Cute rivals Silver and Jun/Pearl.~~

So my birthday is next week! I'm kind of excited. My friend and I made plans to go to this new sushi place that just opened up. >w< Super excited.

OH! I want a shiney ditto! or a shiney Cherubi! Who wants to give me one? I have Pokemon Pearl version.I'm up for battles too, but I know I'll lose. ^ ^;

I've decided to have picnic for my party this year (yahooo!) I just need to set a date~
>w< This is going to be FUUUUN!

In other news- I WNAT TO SEW COSPLAYS! If I sew enough, then mx and I will have a bunch to choose from for nex years Anime North! We might be stelling stuff there so KEEP YOUR EYES OUT FOR US~

Please leave a comment, I'd love to hear your response! Next time, I'll talk about the newest Edition of Kit Gossip! (here's a hint -> BRS)

well, I'm off to sew and draw my story~