GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUYS! I'm kind of depressed.

Summer is over and school will be starting back up b-but that means....


I'm the ONLY one going back to high school for a semester, I'm such a dummy! why can't I be smarter and more togehter like my friends!? so.. I'm really sad now... plus, my BESTEST BEST FRIEND is leaving too, I really want to spend more timw with her before she leaves. I'm happy that she got into a good artschool, REALLY happy, she even won the art award at graduation! But, it's bittersweet, considering that she won't be around so I can bug her, and chill with her as often. If you're reading this maddi, I wish you TONS of luck! and I want to visit you in your dormroom, FREQUENTLY!
Your like family, and since I'm older, you HAVE to listen to me! ha ha ha~

So there, I'm going to have to do some growing up I guese... it's scary, I don't want to be completely on my own. ^ ^; But i guese I can't pause life, no matter how much I want to.

SO REMEMBER KIDS! pay attention in shcool, be nice to those you care about, AND MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHERE YOU'RE HEADED!

ciao for now~