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So last week, I went to visit my best firend EVAR Maddi in her dorm~

In total, I (my father) drove for around 6 hours that weekend... ha ha.

First, I departed at 10:00 to M*******a becasue my father had some business to take care of. Then we drove to O******e ( a city in the opposite direction from Maddi's new residence) to Go to a college open house.

It was really pretty inside! Anyone who is thinking of going to Sheridan College all I have to say is, It looks like a mall. Like, for real! ( a little) It's a nice big atmosphere, I didn't check out the residence since it's only like 30 minutes from my house, so commuting won't bother me so much... ha ha. So the campus was pretty, I enjoyed it.

It was about 12 when we left the campus.. and went to Timmies* for lunch~ I had a roasted chicken sandwich with tea and a french onion soup. after that, we kept going untill we finally reached L****n. ^ ^ papi and I had some trouble finding her building, ha ha. when I got there, maddi greeted me by running out in the cold without a jacket and pouncing at my car.

^///^ you don't know how happy I felt to be there! I would gladly drive that far anytime to spend time with my maddi!

SO I get in and settle my stuff down, her room is cute and nice~ I made her yellow and pink checkered cookies~ I brought some games to play on the wii they have there~ (Trauma team, Pokemon battle revolution and Persona 4... and Lux Pain)

I meet her roomates, they were real nice~ One was away that weekend, I drew her a birthday picture since her birthday wacs comming up.

At night we tried to webcam chat with our buddy ninnie, but it wasn't working on his side, no cute girls for him, ha ha.

We watched the Professor Layton movie in bed, at like.. 2:30 am? ha ha. Apperantly, I am a bed hog ^ ^; I'll try harder to leave more space for you next time I visit maddi!!!
her bed was very comfy actually~

The next day she took me out to a Mall, on the bus ride there, we passes a store called "lolita" I was like O///A///O *sparkle* *sparkle* I'm going in there next time!

the bus we needed to get on to go back to the dorm came on the other side of the street.. so we missed it... It was getting late anyways and my father was on his way to pick me up, so we just went back to the mall and looked at cute animal calenders~ s-spo cute...

okay, so.. there was an "animals" section which included all the cute widdle fuzzies and cats and the like, but "dogs" got their own section? WHY ARE THEY SEPARATED!?

My father showed up with my sister and we went back to the dorm to get my stuff. It felt like such little time, but I'm happy that I got to go at all!

we stopped at like... a truck stop? and my father bought us some goodies! I got a jalapeno pretzel and a jamacian patty! yum yum.

I totally can't wait to go back! ^ ^ next time I'd like to stay for 2 nights~

I'll see you soon~

Ciao babies~

*Timmie's is a slang for "Tim Hortons", a Canadian loved franchise.