a frightening experience

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I've decided, to share something vaugely intimate with you my readers today.
Today in my area, we had a sudden blackout at around 6pm. It lasted for about 3 hours. My house went cold, it was pitch black and there was no where to sit because my mother was alseep on the couch mumbling all kinds of gibberish.

"wow kit, that doesn't seem very frightening" hold on guys. I haven't told you the "scary" part yet.

well, mostly scary for me, since I'm kind of a crybaby.

I had gone downstairs to my room to change out of my school uniform. I'm a women and take my time whenever I can...

Basically, the moment I grabbed my PJ's to start dressing up, all the lights went out. Now, I was already kind of on edge because I had just recently watched a creepy movie at my friend's house and I was alone in the basement. (not to mention my terribly vivid imagination) so I had the TV on to listen to as a distraction. But at that moment, everything went completely black. I was (basically) naked in the basement at night. I COULD NOT SEE, MY HAND INFRONT OF MY FACE. At first, I just stood there, like I nothing happened... then it took me a little while to realize that, IT WAS PITCH BLACK.

cue fear.

It was absolutely silent. I would have thought that I would hear my sister or mother make some kind of reaction to the power shutting off. BUT NO! (kinda felt like the dark hour without the green moon ) Which totally freaked me out.

If you can see the picture, you can see more than I did.

SO, my witty brain drew up a plan.

Grab DS.
Turn on.
Use light to go upstairs.
Dress up there.


well, I found it terrible.

anyways, that was my crappy entry. see you next time~