Melona Ice Cream Review

Refreshing and tastey, perfect for the summer.

Wowies, it's been a while since I posted here.
Today's sweet is an Asian flavoured icebar called "Melona".
Melon comes in a variety of flavours including strawberry, banana, melon, and orange. Every flavour is a pleasent pastel colour. Unlike north american popsicles, which is mostly frozen juice or syrup, Melona bars are creamy and a little sticky, but in a very nice way, without feeling as soft as an icecream bar.

What kit loves about this sweet
For one, the flavours. Melon, strawberry and Banana happen to be my top favourite flavours! Then the texture and odd shape. I'm used to cylinder shaped frozen treats, even so it wasn't hard to eat and actually, didn't melt too quickly, so I could take my time engoying it~ It's sweet and refreshing~

kit's rating
I'll giiiiiive iiiiit..... about a 7. It's a super yummy snack, but compared to other pasteries ad dishes, that's all it is, a snack. Plus, it's hard to find, so that brings down the ranking a bit.


"Next time I go to an asian merket, I'm brining a cooler so I can take this nummy treat home~"

Popsicles and ice cream are sumer yummy, and a good way to beat the heat, but it's mostly lots of sugar and cream. So as a healthier alternative, try some Gelato, or frozen yogurt! Or even make your own Gratina out of fresh fruit juice!

thankies for reading~ kit will try to keep up with the posts! I'm always updating my deviantart account, and now I have a Tumblr~