Anime North 2011 on the way~

I can't believe how long it's been that I've neglected my blog!
I'm sorry to my raders, that is.. if I have any. ^ ^;

ANYWAYS! I don't have a sweets review ready yet, and I know I haven't updated my Beauty Care section yet, but I shall, I actually have an idea of somehting to put up. Mostly my Beauty Care will be nice tips on keeping your natural beauty in check!

But on to the real news! Anime North is fast approaching, and my bestest buddy in the whole world and I are going as the sexy duo, Panty and Stocking!
I've finished 98% of both costumes, and I'm really excited to wear them! I'm also really nervous, I'm afriad they might break on us.. I'm not used to wearing clothing that is so tight! But hopefully fellow cosplayers will appericiate our effort.

Anyways, this year Kit and her buddies will be staying in a nice hotel so that we can enjoy all three days of the convention. Not only that, I found out that Ms.Kaze-Hime, a wonderful Canadian anime artist, will be attending again this year! She posted a map of where her table will be! >////< I'M SO EXITED! I WANT TO BUY SO MANY PRINTS FROM HERRRRRR! I may sound silly, but it's like meeting a celebrity! S-so I'm really excited!

Alrighty, I've run out of thingies to say. I'll update about the Convention mroe next week maybe?

Ciao baby~