Expiration date?

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Iced tea
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So today~ my darling little sister asked me if I could make Flan (or caramel custard) for her. I didn't feel like making it from scratch, so I pulled out a box mixture we bought not too long ago from a Punjab farmers market place.

I cooked the flan (egg) powder with the milk and had already prepared the cute little cups with the caramel syrup... but then I got a little syrup on my finger. So I tasted it, I mean, the syrup is the sweetest part, so why wouldn't I taste it, right?

It.. it tasted putrid! Like burnt sugar. I wondered if it was just me, because I had been chewing minty flavoured gum, which has the same same effect as drinking milk after rinsing with mouthwash... yum...

So I asked my sister to try some; her facial reaction was enough to convince me. ha ha.

^ ^; regretably, no one will be enjoying Flan in my house today... seeing as the package was expired... but I promised my sister I'd make it from scratch tomorrow.

It's so easy to make too.

Todays lesson!

Always check expiration date! It's important... since I just wasted about 2 1/5 cups of skim milk....