I'm terrified

Oh dear, oh gosh...

So, This upcoming September, I will be starting my very first year of college. I'll be an Illustration student at a very nice school just a city away from where I live.
Okay, for one thing, I'm amazed that I got in. Because, my best friend Maddi applied and didn't get in, and she is a wonderful artist, talented in all things creative. Then and there, I was afraid that I wouldn't make it.

It's not so much that I WANTED to go to the school, or that I WANTED to become an Illustrator (truth be told, I just want to be an awesome housewife) it just seemed that art college was best suited for me, since I love to draw. I would end up with a job that let me do one of the things I love so so sooo much. Seriously, I don't know who I was accepted... all I draw is stupid cutesy animu crap and terrible OCs. * cries forever*

Not only am I afraid of not being good enough for the school, but there's also

* new social setting to which I know nothing about
* the expectation to act and function like a proper adult
* taking full care of myself in a foreign city
* having to transport myself home on a daily basis

I can't drive. I have a licence, but I need to go to driving school and take the road test before I am allowed to drive an automobile. SO, I have to take public transportation. Which I wouldn't mind, if I had any experience with it. I've been on buses and subways before, but I was always with someone else telling me where to go and when to get off.

Today, my parents took me to the GO station (an efficient public transportation place) and we took the GO bus, Go Train, and a city bus to get to my future school. Alright, I was worried enough when I thought it was just one bus ride there and back, but now i have to transfer TWICE!? (It's a big deal for me!) Not only that, but some of my classes start at 8am! THE RIDE TAKES AN HOUR AND SEVEN MINUTES! I'M GOING TO HAVE TO WAKE UP AT LIKE 5AM!! GEEZ!

I'm probably worrying about this more than I should be, but.. uh, it's a scary experience.... becoming an adult so quickly.

>A< DON'T BE LIKE ME AND BE OBLIVIOUS TO THE WAYS OF THE WORLD FOR 19 YEARS! It's important to enjoy your youth, but at the same time, it's really important to know how to be an adult! It may be hard, but please try to find a balance of the two.

*sigh* I feel a bit nauseous... =_=;;