Hungry for Cinema

Have you heard of the Hunger Games series?

Apparently it's everywhere now! I remember hearing about it in highschool a bit by some of my classmates, but I never really knew much about it. This semester, our Pop Lit professor had us read the first book of the series. I am... really bad with reading... so I listened to the audiobook instead! And I was pretty interested in it! This was before the movie came out.

So, because I was still kind of interested after finishing the novel, I wanted to see the film adaptation - which is what I had planned for today.

My sister and I made plans to go see The Hunger Games at around 5pm today. I also invited my cousins to come with us, because we really don't hang out much, when we really should.
*Kit completely disregards homework she should be worrying about*

I... got to experience my older cousin Andrew's driving.

it was.... kind of terrifying!! he would speed up for short spurts and made the engine rev to show off and scare pedestrians! I laughed, b-but that's what i do when I'm nervous or embarrassed!! My brave little sister said that Andrew's driving was "fun".

so.. so brave...

ANYWAYS, since this movie is crazy over advertised, it was sold out until 9pm!!! Q A Q


So we opted to see Dr.Suess's the Lorax instead. It was pretty great!! I'll purchase it when it come out for DVD. I really liked how passive and unagressive the Lorax was. it was like- ' I don't need to punish you, you're doing a good job of that yourself.'

I think i get really affected and influenced by things I'm told or I watch. Now I'm all pumped to start a little garden after watching this movie! I've been wanting to for years, but I've always missed the opertune time to. Maybe a little herb garden~

Anywayssss, that was my day today~ I'm going to try and post more here. Just... I'm not that interesting, so there's not much to document. ^ ^;; hee hee.

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