Yes! I'm going to do it!!

I get intimidated quite easily, about anything. Be it like, people or projects I need to get done, even talking to my own friends sometimes! = u =; it's really silly, and I want to change that. So I'm going to make a promise to myself now, I am going to be more productive, and live a fulfilling life. I think a lot of the time, I limit myself, because I'm so afraid of doing something wrong, or making a mistake, because I know the people close to me will point it out brashly. I think that's the reason why I became scared of messing up, but that's no reason for me to just stop!

I want to be able to be proud of myself. I want to be able to accomplish things I've wanted to for a long time. I have to stop getting so disheartened when I can't be like my idols. And I need to be less lazy and push myself forward.

This is a selfish wish, but I'd like to be a better person like those I've come to love tenderly over the years.