This whole week I've been super gummbled with homework and assignments!

I'm trying to work harder since my grades aren't so great.. ^ ^;
I need to try harder and get better grades! I don't get second chances after this year!

it's so scary! I really don't want to grow up, I like things the way they are now.

I'm so afraid of loosing my friends and not living with my family... I'm still just a kid!
I don't understand alot of things.. especially my feelings.
I wish sometumes I could just... become like a stone! cold and unpenitrable! then nothing would ever get me down! >w< Lately I've been getting depressed easier... I hope I didn't inherite that from my mother.

and no matter how many times I pick myself back up, I always end up falling back down into that cold dark hole that makes my tummy all icky when I wake up, that makes me cry when I someting so little happens. maybe it's the stress of becomeing an adult? maybe my mind hasn't caught up to my body yet so I'm being punished.... I don't know. All I know is that I hate myself for being selfish and weak in heart. If I dont' speak my mind I feel like crap, If I DO speak my mind I mess up alot of things.
Prom is comming up soon and, I thought that it was suppoed to be a happy thing, but there's so much drama into it. *sigh* I have a feeling that I won't enjoy it at all. for multiple reasons.

none the less, I will were a happy face and make the best of everything! If you have a negative view, the world is a scary place, I'd rather live with my mind set that the world is essentially good and so are the people!


If the children don't grow up, our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up. We're just a million little gods causin' rain storms turnin' every good thing to rust.

> MX

that's kind of a scary idea.
It's sad how people really are only good at destroying things.
I KNOW people have the potential to do what's right!

^ ^; hee hee, I don't think I'll ever grow up!

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