★News Update★

So, I wanted to clean up my bedroom for a loooooong time! I myself, am famous for having a cluttered room. I had/have an obession with cluttering my walls with posters and images.

A few days ago my mom said she wanted to vaccum my room, so I started moving my stuff around.... and ended up cleaning my dresser, then I moved all my stuff around on my dresser (which doubles as a vanity) and made them pretty. In a nuttshell, it took my Two whole days to totally clean out my room! I took down ALL my posters, cleaned my walls, cleared out my closet, organized and boxed everything together, vaccumed, polished my furniture, vaccumed and steamed my mattress, got new sheets and such, and moved my books and art stuff around.

Man, it took so long..... now my room looks so empty. I'm afraid that my room is too plain now! (´Д`|||)

YAY CHRISTMAS IS COMMING SOON! My family celebrates in the 24th~ so that means party tomorrow~




I need to see your room, you know!? I can't have any competition for a clean room! (Haha, just kidding. My room's always a mess.)

Maybe we can get together after New Years?

ha! my room is so pink now! @_@ all my posters were dark and gloomy like... now there's almost no dark colours at all!

eep! maybe you could sleepover later on if you want~

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