June baby

I am a June baby. I was born in the spring, from a pink tulip in a field of yellow tulips.

Well, I should say that I was born from a daisy, or a lily since my middle name translates into daisy (in english) and my mothers english nickname is Lily (like the flower).

to technically, I was born from a flower, ^w^ My mother~

So yes, alot happens in June. My birday, my fthers birthday, 2 of my firends birthdays, I'm graduating this year my grandmothers birthday and she's comming from hungary this year too. Oh my so busy. But I've finished most of the work from my school! (yeeees!!!) so I won't have to worry about much (for now). I'll be taking an extra year of school because I'm 8 years old and i'm not ready to leave the house yet. huuuu, people keep telling me I'm too innocent... I mean, I know that I grew up sheltered... ^ ^; and I don't understand alot of the terms my friends use.

This is going to be a very sad year... all my friends are graduating, leaving me for college and university. I'm happy for them that their lives are starting, but... there is a part of me that wishes I could make them stay. Especially my best friend. she's stuck by me for four years now and... she's just amazing! she can be kind of cold, but I love her none the less. I don't know how I'm going to handle her leaving. I really wish she wouldn't, or that I could go with her at least... But i want her to lead a happy life, so she can see the world in the way I do. As a good place. The world is a beautiful place, I'll try my best to fix it (what I can). I really hope, that she'll miss me too, but not the same as all of our other friends, I really hope that I'm special to her.

*sigh* I must sound so weird right now. But, I'll get through it! I'll be the best-friend-back-home! And I'll send her care-packages and visit her on weekends and holidays!

I need to learn how to drive. mx, if you're reading this, I want you to know that you are a wonderful person who I admire. You're pretty, talented and very smart... and I'll miss you like a sister.

I guese that's all for June...



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