Quite Puzzling

Here's this week's Kitpic, today we have quite a puzzling theme.


As promised, each new week I will gossip about somehting new either on the web, or off.
This week I'll be chatting about the upcoming english translation of the new game Professer Layton and the Unwond Future for Nintendo DS. 165 new puzzles and curious storyline to add to the Layton series. It's said to come out on September 12 of this year. I'm REALLY excited. From what I can tell from trailers and reviews, Layton and Luke travel to London to see a new invention of a Time Machine. after arriving, Layton recieves a letter from Luke, 10 years in the future. That's the main plot, but considering the strange animal-like people and the layton-looking clones robbing a casino (I can't be making this up) I'm pretty sure that it can't be as simple as that. the time machine looks like a giant steampunk clock, I'm not sure if it changes the time in the surrounding area, or if it wors like a transportation device... But whther or not they ACTUALLY get to the future is to be revealed through AWSOME storyline. I'm expecting alot from this game, I mean, Studio Ghibli does the animation for the cutscenes! JDFYADFCJHCJYFRD! And I could tell is was Ghibli by a glance! No one else puts THAT much effort in animation. I was blown away by The Diabolical Box and cried to much everytime I watched the end. I couldn't handle it the first time. I' sure this game will have NO problem topping it's preceder.

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I KNOW! I DO TOOOOOOO! I can't wait to see the newest story unravel!

It's still a few days until this comes out over here but I'M EXCITED! I don't think I'll have the money when it comes though... D:

I want to rent it, that way I can play and beat the game without having to pay full price!

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