Kit's Halloween

HOKIES! So, I'm just going to do a quickie update on my Halloween 2010!

So so so, this year my sister did a function with her friends, leaving me at home for a while on the 31st. SO, I looked for Halloween specials on TV....

Remember, when we were kids? And every holiday season there was BUNCHES of festive speacials on TV? Ones that totally got you in the spirit?

WELL NOT ANYMORE! I swear, TV sucks nowadays! Which is why I don't watch it anymore... I swear, the mostly watched channel at my house is the Channel Listings!

So anyways, I carved my pumpkin and handed out candy to like, 3 trick-or-treaters.
Then my sister came home with her best buddy and I took them out to go trick or treating...

S-since there was like, NO ONE else out in my neighbourhood... I.. recived candy also... ha ha ha

(I don't think the people knew they were giving sweets to an 18-year-old-woman... pffffft) didn't help that my costume kept wanting to show off my cleavage.... =_=
yeah, I went as the typical Witch.... BUT BUT, I HAVE NEVER BEEN A WITCH FOR HALLOWEEN BEFORE SO SO, IT WAS OKAY!? The whoel costume only cxosted me $1! HA HA! I had bought the witches hat that day and used pieces of clothes I had together~ I also had these gothic? false eyelashes, that were bright red on the ends... it looked pretty cool.

So... now we have like, a huge box full of candy at my house... and I'm being good and not binging like a little kid..... becasue I'm not gifted with a magical metabolism that disintegrates anything I consume ;_;

Then we watched the movie "the Others" it was pretty interesting.

SPOILER! "The Mother and children are actually dead! THEY WERE THE GHOSTS!"
man, what a good twist. I didn't see it coming... then again, I'm way oblivious...

HOKIES, thats all for now I guess...

Untill next time, Ciao babies!


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Now I wish I could have gone trick-or-treating.. :I



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