this cat...


I've been seeing this breed of cat all over tumblr and some on facebook recently,
and like- why is it so popular?

It has all the elements of being adorable: big eyes, little face, tiny nose, fluffy

but to me, it just looks like it's scared of everything! Look at it's eyes, JUST LOOK AT THEM! It looks so scared and sad at the same time, and it's kind of freaking me out.

it's like, when loli girls wear HUGE circle lenses and manipulated make up to get 'anime eyes' but they just end up looking like freaky dolls. The manipulation factor is amazing that they could change their face so much, but they still look scary. (sorry loli girls, this is just my opinion q _ q )

but yeah... this cat. I'm not annoyed by it nessecarily, I just thought it looked a bit freaky is all.

the end.

I need to study.


More often than not, people think I'm a lot younger than I actually am.
I don't mind really, like isn't it better to look young?
But it's come to a point where I'm actually nervous about revealing my age- it's not that I'm super old or like 30 or something, but to a lot of people, my interests and the manor in which I present myself may seem childish. I guess it has something to do with an unfortunate experience I had with a confusing user online earlier this year... i dunno @~@

But I've read that Gemini's (my star sign) are usually seen as more childish and people treat us like we need to be protected. I actually don't mind that - being looked after and taken care of. I mean, it's nice to know someone cares, right? But I guess what bothers me is... my true physical age. I'm a college student now, but I don't' feel like my life goals and interests have changed much since I was 16.

*sigh* I guess I'll just ignore it and not let it bother me, like I do with most things in my life ^ ^;

WELP, I'm off to 'be an adult' and draw muscles on some bones for my anatomy final!